Nondiscrimination Complaint Process

Eloy Fire District

 4010 N. Toltec Road  Eloy, Arizona 85131

Business Phone: (520) 466-3544 • Emergency: 911


The Eloy Fire District (EFD) is committed to resolving complaints alleging acts of illegal discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin (including language), disability, sexual orientation, or age.

This procedure applies to incidents that take place at our facilities, and to incidents occurring off-premises between employees of the District and members of our community, where the behavior is alleged to have a negative impact on the work environment.

A written complaint must be filed no later than 180 days after the date of the alleged discrimination and may be filed in person, by mail, by fax, or by email. Directions are provided in the Notice of Nondiscrimination posted on the EFD website, which is available on the EFD website and posted on-site in areas accessible to the public.

Upon receipt of the complaint by the Compliance Officer, the complaint shall be marked with the date received and the date shall be referred to as the filing date. The complainant will be provided a copy of the complaint, with attached allegations, and a copy of this procedure within 10 business days following the filing date.

The Complainant will be asked to provide the names of any witnesses or individuals who can support their allegations. The complainant must provide this information during the initial meeting.

Discretion in the sharing of information is essential in matters involving allegations of illegal discrimination. Improper disclosure of information by the parties involved may be the basis for claims of unprofessional conduct, or charges of slander and retaliation.

The EFD utilizes discretion in sharing information regarding matters under this procedure. However, complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Information provided to the District may be shared with the compliance committee and other individuals in order to investigate and resolve the complaint. By Law, EFD records may be subject to release following a public record request, request from an external agency, or court order.

EFD compliance committee will carefully evaluate all allegations of discrimination, from whatever source, to determine if the allegation appears to be well-founded.

If, after a thorough internal investigation EFD believes improper discrimination conduct has occurred, EFD will seek the advice of legal counsel and, if determined that a report is required, we will assure that the report is made under the direction of legal counsel and to the appropriate government authorities and that the report is both timely and thorough. EFD will follow Corrective Action as outlined in the Eloy Fire District Human Resources Policy Manual.

EFD will notify the complainant in writing of the internal investigation result within 10 business days following the conclusion of the investigation.